Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they can review their KPIs daily in XSales® SFA Mobile and even those calculated in the ERP. 

Yes, in XSales® SFA Mobile, the customer’s location is displayed on a map. Additionally, we have integration with Waze/Google Maps so that the sales rep can follow the way to reach the customer’s location. 

We have a component called XSales® ERP Connector, which allows the integration of XSales® with different sources of information. This component uses calls to Web Services, API’s, Stored Procedures, Functions, RemoteQuery Call, Bapi’s to extract and send information between the ERP to XSales®. 

All price policies, promotions, discounts, and taxes defined in the ERP can be received in XSales® (using the integration component) so that they can be applied when taking the sales order in the XSales® SFA Mobile mobile solution.

XSales® SFA Mobile has several mechanisms such as: mandatory registration of reasons for non-visits if the salesperson could not serve the customer; Activation of geofence (geofencing) to delimit the geographical area where the clients to visit are located, in case the seller is outside the geofence, he must indicate the reason for the service outside the delimited area; each transaction that the seller registers in XSales® SFA Mobile has the geographical coordinate where it was made saved.